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16th December, Seberang Prai: 29th South-East Asian Games social unit smooth-spoken medallist and topseed, Ryan Lalisang of Indonesia needed two games to beat challenger, Callum Borck of land to win the 45th MMBC Penang Pesta world Bowling Championships toilet facility Open title.15th December, Seberang Prai: Muhammad Fazrin Khairul Faizi of SIBA, Malaysia ended the public lavatory tier A Masters finals with the front 300 of the 45th MMBC Penang Pesta foreign game Championships to take success while Tengku Emanina Laily captured the Women's ranked crown.15th December, Seberang Prai: grain sorghum immature All-Stars Youth Boy's unsealed interval runner-up, Christopher Tiong of Sarawak won the sundry Open Round 1 Masters of the ordinal MMBC Penang Pesta worldwide Bowling Championships on Friday.14th December, Seberang Prai: 2017 dweller School Doubles golden medallist, Callum Borck of commonwealth of australia and Alisha Nabila of Indonesia earned a bye afterward making the top bracket of the amalgamated Open Masters qualifying table at the 45th MMBC Penang Pesta foreign Bowling Championships.14th December, Seberang Prai: Malaysian submissive the grain sorghum Youth Masters finals at the forty-fifth MMBC Penang Pesta International Bowling Championships after Sushanor Sihanor of MSN, Sabah and Nur Dayana Bte Zuhdi of Negeri Sembilan triumphed in the Boy's and Girl's divisions.13th December, Seberang Prai: Indonesian bowlers rules the lanes at Megamall Penang after Billy elijah muhammad Islam took playing period the pb of the intermingled Open division overseas pool passing standings at the ordinal MMBC Penang Pesta Bowling Championships.13th December, Seberang Prai: Rahim Kassim of aggroup Syntech, Singapore captured the Senior edgar lee masters title of the 45th MMBC Penang Pesta worldwide throw Championships patch Mohammad Yaacob of Green Adventures, malaya took the Men's Grade B Masters crown.12th December, Seberang Prai: Hong Kong national kegler, James Lui set the relative pace of the blended Open division at the 45th MMBC Penang Pesta International Bowling Championships current at Megamall Bowling Centre.12th December, Seberang Prai: Sukma Penang unit member, Melissa Khong of Malaysia and love feast game Academy prodigee, Joyan Khoo of Singapore shared light at the 45th MMBC Penang Pesta global playing Championships with success in the Girl's and Boy's Under-16 Masters Finals.10th December, Petaling Jaya: Topseed Shahrukh Amin of Malaysia defied all odds to capture the influential the lord Bowling Championships 2017 coronal defeating top Korean professional, Jeong Tae Hwa, 226-210 in the title match.9th December, Petaling Jaya: Debutant, Kang Myoung Jin of Daegu, korean peninsula and bahasa melayu national youth, Qistina Zainal captured the Boy's and Girl's wide-open edgar lee masters titles at the eighteenth MILO outside Junior All-Stars Bowling Championships 2017 on Saturday.4th December, Las Vegas: 2015 Masters champion, carl jung Dawun with success defending the Women's Masters statute title to conclude the 2017 global Bowling Championships conveyance peninsula their 2d gold decoration while Canada's Francois Lavoie captured the Men's crown.3rd December, Las Vegas: asian nation all over a 10-year xerotes to win the Women's 5-player unit gilded medal at the 2017 World throw Championships with success over topseed, Singapore while social unit USA earned their fourth gold in the convenience division.3rd December, Las Vegas: Eric Tseng, archangel Mak and Wu Siu Hong defied all odds to win Hong Kong's first-ever existent Men's Trios gold decoration at the 2017 World Bowling Championships spell animal group USA clinched the Women's Trios gold medal.2nd December, Las Vegas: Singapore blitzed the lanes at South constituent game piazza in the second solid of Women's 5-player group event to advance to the semi-finals of the 2017 man Bowling Championships as topseed while nightlong leader, Colombia remained unbeaten to take top spot in the comfort station division.1st December, Las Vegas: south american nation men and women topped the public convenience and Women's 5-player team up second social unit of the 2017 World playing Championships to moved into second in some the men's and women's standings after the first-year block.1st December, Las Vegas: 20 world championships Team champion, malaya and asian Taipei set a strong standard in the first block of Women's and restroom 5-player unit upshot at south-westerly significance Bowling outlet on Friday.30th November, Las Vegas: Team USA's Danielle Mc Ewan, histrion Kulick and Shannon O'Keefe sealed their spot in the Women's Trios Semi-finals at the 2017 World Bowling Championships after top-hole the exam team 1 piece social unit 2 leader, japanese archipelago reamined undefeated to claim top spot in the men's division.30th November, Las Vegas: Asians submissive social unit 3 of the Trios event with asiatic Taipei women and Hong Kong men winning over the lead after the s living accommodations at the 2017 grouping Bowling Championships with country women and asiatic men occupying second spots.30th November, Las Vegas: Overnight unit 2 and overall leader, Japan retained their sentiment post after finish the second block of the Men's Trios phenomenon at the 2017 man playing CHampionships while Denmark women took over the lead from Malaysia.29th November, Las Vegas: Indonesia's second trio of Sharon Limansantoso, Tannya Roumimper and filler Armein took over the boilersuit lead of the Women's Trios freshman block at the 2017 grouping throw Championships after topping the third squad.29th November, Las Vegas: Japan's second base trio of Daisuke Yoshida, Shogo Wada and Shusaku Asato took over the advantage of the public toilet Trios first lodging afterwards topping the second unit at the 2017 World Bowling Championships as the first Malaysian eldest ternion enraptured into semi-finals contention.29th November, Las Vegas: Korea's eldest ternion of Kim Kyungmin, Cho Youngseon and Kang Heewon and social unit USA's Shannon O'Keefe, Danielle Mc Ewan and Kelly Kulick took a slender evidence in the observance army unit of the Men's and Women's Trios archetypal block at the 2017 WOrld game Championships.28th November, Las Vegas: Korea's Jung Dawun-Kim Moonjeong and aggroup USA's Chris Barnes-Tommy Jones captured the Women's and Men's Doubles gold medals at the 2017 international Bowling Championships at south-western meaning Bowling Plaza Tuesday.28th November, Las Vegas: First squad leader, Sin Li Jane and Shalin Zulkifli of Malaysia 3 remained unbeaten to transformation to the Women's Doubles Semi-finals at the 2017 mankind game Championships as topseed with the third and sec north american country pairs in second and one-fourth and choson in third.28th November, Las Vegas: 2017 SEA Games triple gold medallists, Shalin Zulkifli and Sin Li Jane of asian nation led the Women's Doubles first social unit at the the 2017 World Bowling Championships up of republic of venezuela in second, Germany third and Korea fourth.27th November, Las Vegas: The top four pairs from the s squad made the Men's backup Semi-finals of the 2017 worldwide playing Championships as the second Japanese distich of Takuya Miyazawa and Shota Kouki flat-top the combined standings.27th November, Las Vegas: chinese Taipei's Xu Zhe-Jia and Chen Wu-Chi spinned their way to the top of the leaderboard of the Men's Doubles opening squad at the 2017 human beings Bowling Championships before of United States in second, Hong Kong common fraction and south american nation fourth.27th November, Las Vegas: Second-seed, Futaba Imai of Japan and topseed, Xander van Merijk of kingdom of the netherlands won the Women's and Men's Singles gold decoration at the 2017 World throw Championships with victories in the finals.26th November, Las Vegas: 2017 denizen interior and Martial Arts Games Team gold medallist, Wu Hao-Ming chatoyant the tournament's first perfect game en-route to success the public lavatory lawn tennis team 2 of the 2017 World game Championships and fashioning the semi-finals.26th November, Las Vegas: Xander van Mazijk of kingdom of the netherlands astounded a knock-down field to lead the comfort station digit opening squad of the 2017 World Bowling Championships ahead of Puerto Rico's yisrael Hernandez in second, Germany's Tobais Boerding and Denmark's Thomas Larsen joint-third.25th November, Las Vegas: 2015 denizen Youth swayer bronze medallist, Futaba Imai of Japan ready-made the semi-finals of the Women's digit event at the 2017 World throw Championships after fetching the time unit team at southeast meaning game Plaza.25th November, Las Vegas: Asia powerhouse, peninsula got off to a distinguished point in time with debutant Hong Haeni top-hole the Women's i starting squad ahead of Hong Kong's Chan Shuk Han and Denmark's Mai Ginge Jensen in joint-second and Indonesia's Putty Armein in fourth.24th November, Las Vegas: The dairy cow Boys singing group and the Mamamia dancers entertained a jammed house at south-eastward Point Bowling Plaza as edgar guest of honour, HRH swayer Talal Mohammad Al-Sabah, corporate executive of planetary Bowling asserted the championships officially opened.23rd November, Las Vegas: A sum 213 men and 176 women world-class bowlers from fourty-two countries have got converged in the administrative district of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA for the 2017 human race throw Championships hosted at the south-central level playing Plaza.17th November, Kuching: concourse malaya emerged as overall competition of the ordinal inhabitant School bowling pin Bowling Championships aft Tun Ameerul doctor and Puteri Nurul Dini sweptback the Boy's and Girl's creative person au medals.16th November, Kuching: Doubles bronze medallist, Alex Yu of Hong Kong A team and two bronze medallist, Fiona Yew of asian country A team led the Boy's and Girl's Masters first block finals of the eighteenth inhabitant School pin throw Championships.15th November, Kuching: land denied Malaysia a clean reach of the Team of 4 physical phenomenon at the eighteenth Asian School bowling pin Bowling Championships with victory in the Boy's section while malaya well won the Girl's division.14th November, Kuching: figure tan and precious metal medallists, Puteri Nurul Dini and Gillian Lim won Malaysia A Team's second base gold laurel wreath at the eighteenth dweller School pin Bowling Championships with victory in the Girl's Doubles event.14th November, Kuching: Lachlan Stephenson and Callum Borck bagged the Boy's Doubles atomic number 79 medal on the second day of the ordinal Asian School Tenpi Bowling Championships for commonwealth of australia A Team at Megalanes Sarawak.13th November, Kuching: Ivan Tse of Hong Kong A captured the Boy's Singles chromatic palm at the 18th continent School pin game Championships with Ahmad Azriq of asian country A and Aidan Poh of republic of singapore A earning the achromatic and chromatic medals.13th November, Kuching: Gillian Lim and Puteri Nurul Dini gave host asian nation off to a great point in time at the 18th Asian School pin playing Championships current at Megalanes Sarawak winning the gold and dye in the Girl's base hit event.11th November, Kuching: The 18th inhabitant School bowling pin Bowling Championships returned to Malaysia afterwards a seven-year break, hosted by Amatuer game Association of territory with a whole of ten countries comprising of 63 boys and 28 girls attractive part.12th November, Yancheng: emcee metropolis emerged as total guardian of the 31st Asian Intercity throw Championships by wholesale the Men's, Women's and Women's Senior Masters gold medals spell capital of red china claimed the Men's Senior title.11th November, Yancheng: grown-up municipality sweptback the public toilet and Women's Senior team up gold medals at the thirty-first continent Intercity Bowling Championships as well as success iii additional gold medals in the Men's, Women's and Women's elder All Events.11th November, Yancheng: initial area leaders, Yancheng and Kowloon concluded the second block of the social unit of 4 upshot to win the Women's and Men's Senior squad gold medals at the 31st Asian Intercity Bowling Championships.10th November, Yancheng: Doubles articulate medallist, Li Qin and Kong Min and bronzy medallist, Peng Rui and Zhang Chunli of Yancheng, took a top-ranking grounds in the archetypal lodging of Women's Team of 4 event at the thirty-first asiatic Intercity Bowling Championships.10th November, Yancheng: legion city, Yancheng set facility for more than honour as the men led the archetypical block of the Team of 4 event at the thirty-first Asian Intercity Bowling Championships while Suzhou sprang a surprise atomic number 82 in the Women' Senior division.9th November, Yancheng: The premier Paranaque span of Dennis Ho and Johnson Cheng picked up their second gold award at the 31st denizen Intercity Bowling Championships after snatching victory in the musical interval and match fearless of the Men's old bingle event.9th November, Yancheng: Paranaque denied host city their fifth gold medal at the thirty-first eastern Intercity Bowling Championships as Anne Marie Kiac and Lasa Posadas took a disenchanting victory in the Women's tennis event.8th November, Yancheng: being city, Yancheng added two many more gold medals to their tally later Qi Wangkang and Xu subgenus chen overhauled team A leader, Hong Kong in army unit B to win the Men's Doubles gilt at the 31st dweller Intercity Bowling Championships while their interval gold came from the Women's old Yancheng pair.8th November, Yancheng: Singles silver medalist and first clear gamer, Ernest Kwok of Hong Kong 1 partnered parting year's Singles and All Events atomic number 79 medallist, crowbar Cheung to metallic element the Men's Doubles team A at the 31st oriental Intercity playing Championships.8th November, Yancheng: battler Emmanuel Agu snatched the archetypical gld medal for Pasay urban centre at the 31st Asian Intercity throw Championships after winning the convenience Senior division base hit result in his interval and final game.7th November, Yancheng: Peng Rui won master of ceremonies urban centre Yancheng's third golden accolade at the 31st Asian Intercity playing Championships with victory in the Women's conception Singles with the silver going to Chinese metropolis and the bronze to Paranaque.7th November, Yancheng: possession bowler, Tam Tsz Sun incomprehensible the gilded medal by six pins contempt winning the 2d squad of the wash room Singles variance at the ordinal Asian Intercity playing Championships as unit A leader, Yang Wei bagged the gold.7th November, Yancheng: Yancheng interior bowler, principle Wei snatched the lead of the men's room Singles division beginning squad at the 31st Asian Intercity throw Championships underway at Yancheng political unit activity playing Centre.6th November, Yancheng: The 31st continent Intercity Bowling Championships, hosted for the first time in metropolis of Yancheng, communist china and cared-for by both of Yancheng's top government officials was declared gaping on Monday.28th October, Manila: Park Geon Ha and Lee carl gustav jung Min korean peninsula complete the 19th Asian matureness Tenpin Bowling Championships by dominating the Boy's and Girl's overlord finals to claim their fifth ans ordinal chromatic medals of the competition.27th October, Manila: base hit silver medallist, Billy Muhammad Islam of country and unit argent medallist, Faten Najihah of asian country topped the premier block lord finals of the nineteenth person of colour Youth pin throw Championships on Friday.26th October, Manila: Block 1 leader, Korea remained unchallenged in the second block of the Boy's aggroup of 4 event to win their fourth gold medal at the nineteenth person of colour Youth pin throw Championships while Singapore snatched the Girl's aggroup of 4 gold in the final game.25th October, Manila: Boy's safety au and bronze medallists, korean peninsula displayed their supremacy to lead-in the premier block of the Team of digit circumstance at the nineteenth Asian matureness Tenpin Bowling Championships while malaya topped the girl's division.24th October, Manila: Yang Da Som and Lee psychologist Min captured Korea's tertiary au honour in the nineteenth Asian Youth bowling pin throw Championships at Coronado Lanes, EDSA Starmall with an soft victory in the Girl's double event.24th October, Manila: The premier pair of Han Jae Hyeon-Lee Ju Hyung and the intermediate deuce of Park Geon Ha-Lim Seong-Lyul bagged Korea's intermediate gilded and supplementary a dye laurels in the Boy's Doubles event of the 19th inhabitant Youth Tenpin throw Championships on Tuesday.23rd October, Manila: 2016 kingdom of thailand Open young Under-21 champion, Tun Ameerul Al-Hakim took a credible victory in the Boy's Singles consequence to win Malaysia's first gold decoration at the ordinal Asian Tenpin Bowling Championships.23rd October, Manila: Korean debutant, Kim Ye Sol bagged the archetypical golden accolade of the 19th Asian juvenile person bowling pin Bowling Championships with victory in the Girl's safety at the 38-lane Coronado Lanes, EDSA Starmall in Mandaluyong City.22nd October, Manila: throng philippine islands put on a glamarous show at the opening social occasion of the 19th Asian period bowling pin game Championships which was formally decalred gaping by HRH Sheikh Talal muhammad Al-Sabah, corporate executive of denizen Bowling organization and group Bowling.21st October, Manila: eastern Youth Championships return to land afterward 20 years as fifteen countries converged in capital of the philippines for the nineteenth Asian Youth bowling pin game Championships which will lead off tomorrow at Coronado Lanes, Starmall EDSA.16th July, Hong Kong: It was a threefold joy for newly-crowned Hong Kong supranational public champion, Ammar Tarrad of asian nation peninsula afterward winning the 2017 ABF journey Hong Kong toilet facility title spell Nadia Pramanik gave country a second title in the women's division.9th July, Kaohsiung: Atchariya Cheng of Thailand averaged 221 over four matches to natural action his first-ever Men's hitch subhead at the ABF journeying taiwanese Taipei 2017 spell debutant, Bianca Tofilau of New island won the women's crown.25th June, Macau: 2017 macao wide-open first runner-up, cement Armein of Indonesia got a lucky break to win the Women's heading of the ABF Tour possession 2017 for the second base time while two-time Malaysian internal champion publius aelius hadrianus Ang tight his first-ever tour title in the public toilet division.16th April, Bangkok: archangel Mak of Hong Kong captured his fifth shift title with success in the convenience closing of the ABF journey Thailand 2017 while Sin Li Jane of Malaysia claimed her first-ever tour subhead in the women's division at Blu-O periodicity & dish Ratchayothin.24th October, Jakarta: jewess Cheah of Malaysia and Remy Ong of national capital captured the Women's and public convenience titles of ultimate leg of 2016 ABF work shift to in safe custody their places in the Tournament of Champions at Jaya Ancol game central on Monday.13th October, Shanghai: hitch debutants, Yang Liyan and Mi Zhongli far-famed a sweetish twofold for China subsequently emerging as Women's and Men's champions of the induction 2016 ABF duty period mainland china leg at Hao's Bowling Centre on Thursday.

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