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Blue Balesin

I wonder if what’s in you

That paints my world to blue -

Like the infinite sky,

The garden has countless hue -

55 56

But whenever I try…

To reach a flower by,

All I see is you -

The rose of color blue…

57 58 59

For sure I can’t pretend

So this note to you I send,

A message of admiration

One bud of affection -

60 62

“The sky may have infinite stars…

Gardens may own countless flowers…

But there’s no one like you – “

The rose of color blue…

63 64 65 66

Oh, – rose of color blue

How can I have a part of you?

How can I make you grow in my heart?

67 68

How I wish I can touch your rosy petals…

How I wish to feel the sweetness from your thorns…

70 71 72

But you are just a dream -

A dream that is life away when I’m awake…

The blue rose of my dreams…

72a 73 76

Blue Rose by JM  Verzola

Photography: Chestknots

Styling: Lifestyle by Feliz

HMUA: Gery Penaso







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