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a Wedding PA, whaaat?

People have always wondered what the difference is between a Wedding Coordinator and a Wedding PA.

I wondered what would be the best way to describe it. And I remembered the story of the Ugly Duckling.

This picture shows the mother duck carrying her ducklings. though the photo looks peaceful, one stands out because of her color.

Coordinators are the mother ducks and we simply follow her leading.

PAs are concerned with the “look, mood and feel” of the wedding day  in camera and video.

Wedding PA is an extension of Team LSF’s engagement service. We initially did not want to consider entering the Wedding day service and turned down earlier requests from clients because we believe and trust that their coordinators will do a great job.

I think this service was born out of the strong bond between client-stylist. A service that was created out of friendship! And so, we ventured and considered it for a trial run last September. We initially didnt know what to do and went through our first PA out of instinct! Assisted in every way we can and tried keep ourselves behind the shadows of coordinators and suppliers:)

Back massage for our groom, Vino then to our photographer, videographers and even coordinators!

chika’s with Kaye’s sister, family and friends. and became yayas to babies while their mom preps up!

tried to answer questions when coordinator is out polishing things out  (which we tried to figure out on the spot!)

discovered that we can actually start the dance floor despite having 2 left foot!

And finally we figured out what we needed to do:)(other than the things we crazily did above)

Much like our strength during engagement concepts, our job for the wedding is to continue coming up with  concepts that reflect the personality of the couple and of course execute these well (with time constraint this time).

Photo tree for Earvin & Pam

This will also excite photographers and videographers with the unique twists and things to play around with.

Maki Platter for the groomsmen of Jason

and we execute the ideas of film makers like Jason Mangbanua who wanted Jason and his groomsmen to walk from Marriott to the church.

so we added an eye candy twist to it! (without the LBC truck! :P)

the groomsmen who all had a shot of Patron wanted to keep the blue umbrellas haha!

Our goodie bag was even part of the shoot during Pam’s preparation! Our survival kit! 1 for the groom, 1 for the bride and goodies for the suppliers!

we saw a goodie tray for kids and took hold of a clay to mount the boutonnieres and made use of a vase frame inside the room.

letter blocks we used from start until the group photos during the reception

tried to help out Tita to be comfortable in front of the camera and share a loud whisper “bilin” haha!

shared moments with Lani getting nervous “ito na ba talaga! aaacckk bumubukas na yung door!!”


“ang tagal naman bumukas!” and finally it did.:)

Leading the “kiiiiiiiiisssssssss!!!” to welcome Vin & Pam as they run out of the church!!

Took note of Jason’s request to have this shot during their in between pictorials!

we even tried to run after the sunset! (before this shot was taken, Paula was even squeezed inside the car in between Dean and Ris, just so the car would move immediately! no time to waste! talk about adrenaline rush haha!!)

and share the joy of having something fly out of our hands! literally!

Though not yet perfect, we strive to be better than yesterday.

And be helpful to co-suppliers and hopefully spice up their day in a good way:D

At the same time, make our groom and bride enjoy the best day of the end of being single and the start of an exciting marriage!

the last shot of Ris in her wedding gown!:)Manny Pacquiao won Marqarito the day after Dean and Ris’ wedding. The couple reserved a private viewing of the match for their guests! haha

The best concept will still be those unpredictable and unplanned moments which will make all those tiring wedding preps worth it!

Getting teary eyed and blessed to be able to be part of a day so wonderful for each of our client turned friend:)

Love you guys!!!


Vino + Kaye

Fourth + Imee

Earvin + Pam

Jason + Lani

Dean + Ris


Jayjay Lucas, Jamie Lihan, Jason de Guzman, Lito Sy and Feliz Diestro


Vatel Manila


Mostly planned but most of the after wedding dance floor memories were unplanned as it shoots off our couples to dream land!

looking forward to the next wedding as we leave the crazy dance floor!

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December 19, 2010 - 12:01 am

vino+kaye - we love you too Team LSF!!!! you guys made every pose soooo easy! Kudos to you and more power! Godbless y’all! winks! ;D

April 4, 2011 - 12:34 am

Angel - reading through this and seeing all the things you guys do for your couples is so inspiring. Keep up the great work and all the unique concepts you guys come up with.

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