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She modernized the bridal gown

There’s actually something rare happening in planning a wedding. Its coming up with a traditional, non thematic wedding. Whenever you’d come across a newly engaged couple, usually theyre asked about the concept or theme theyll do.

Bridal Book, the online wedding site of summit media is edgy enough to share what brides have been doing. It may be unusual to most but when you get into the pool of brides to be, youll soon find out that its more normal than you think!

Shot by  Paul Vincent, check out the looks HERE.

As we prepare for another shoot with them, we’re now going for the classic, iconic brides. As we choose gowns from Pronovias at Mi Sueno Bridal Boutique, the first bridal boutique in Manila, I began to wonder who started the “Modern yet classic” bridal look.

Who else to have pulled it off than actress turned princess – Grace Kelly. But before her, the first royal bride of a very fashion conscious decade had her wedding televised – Princess Margaret.

Princess Grace Kelly at the age of 26, got engaged to Prince Rainier of Monaco.

MGM’s costume designer Helen Rose has designed and sewn Grace Kelly’s wedding dress. Her starting point was one of the ball gowns she wore in a movie and MGM studios gave Helen Rose all the resources to create it.

It took six weeks to create and 35 MGM craftspeople. In the end, Grace Kelly’s high-necked, long-sleeved gown in antique Valenciennes rose point lace with a ball gown silhouette was a masterpiece.

“..simple but elegant, feminine, ladylike but not necessarily regal. It should not overpower Grace’s beauty…”

Long-sleeved wedding dresses are a little tricky to pull; if designed wrongly, you could end up with too much lace and beadwork.

The best long-sleeved wedding dresses either keep embellishments and detail within the sleeves and bust area, while placing as minimal detail on the skirt and train, or spread out the details uniformly throughout the wedding dress.

Suddenly, flipping through our TV channel, we landed on a documentary on Princess Margaret’s Wedding. The Fashionista and “Party Girl” Princess Margaret, (Queen Elizabeth’s sister) and her wedding to Anthony Armstrong-Jones.

Princess Margaret Rose, who was pretty stunning in her own right was married to society photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones on the 6th May 1960 and was the first royal bride of a very fashion conscious decade. She was also the first royal bride to have her wedding televised – it was viewed by more than 20 million people across the globe.

As Margaret was rather short and had a very slender frame, she stipulated that her wedding dress should be simple and without the usual traditional lace, sequins and fuss that characterises a Royal wedding dress. The result, a gown made from around 30 extravagant metres of silk organza was absolutely stunning in its elegance and simplicity and one of the most gorgeous wedding dresses of all time, proving that you don’t need a mountain of glitz to look every inch a princess.

Her gown was designed and created by the house of Norman Hartnell–same designer who created her sister’s wedding gown.This was also the first royal wedding ever televised, and was watched by over 300 million viewers worldwide!

Quite different from her sister who turned queen.

Its quite interested how the gowns of the same family line differ as seen in this photo of their mother (the queen mother)
Its amazing how political and economic factors play a big role in the clothing designs!
The Duchess Catherine did well in putting together tradition, simplicity, elegance and style fit for the modern princess!

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