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Family Scrapbook

During the preparation of our wedding, our families did so many things to support and make us feel well loved!

From fun family dance rehearsal, to god parent’s dinner, surprise count down cakes, surprise engagement party, bachelor and bachelorette’s party, dinner outs, and assisting in putting together the materials needed and even create an original composition:)

I was fixing receipts today and saw the scrap book my family surprised me with:)during a very tiring day of work and wedding prep, seeing this on my bed made me cry back then:)

I actually forgot how much i love to do scrap booking when i was young. good thing my sister in law still practices it and keeps memories for my 2 nephews:)something i might want to do as well:)

Letter from my dad:)this is his second letter he made for me.

First was written during my surprise birthday party 2-3 years ago.:)

One from my sister:)

another page from my brother and sister in law:)

scribbles from my 2 adorable nephews David & Daniel


Its such a nice assurance that my family will always be there to love, support and rebuke me:D

we’ll be having a post father’s day and birthday celebration of Dad Jerry tomorrow. first dinner of both families after the wedding:)

i didnt expect that my family would make such a special gesture! mid 30s and mid 60, doing scrapbooking?:)totally children at heart:Dlove you family!

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