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With love from Switzerland

Arjay and Julie fresh from Switzerland.. entrusted to us their prenup while they were thousands of miles away.:DShot a few days before their wedding day, it was a breeze to have a client who entrusted everything to the team! it was their first time to wear such clothing style! They only found out about the venue, the outfits they’ll wear on the day itself!

Julie wore colored contacts which i love brides and models to wear as the lens reflects light and brings out the eyes! Finally we got to use the missoni trench coat and it fit very well on Arjay!

We fell it love with these 2! they were simply adorable during the whole shoot.

shot for only 2.5 was a breeze that we wanted for more! haha

Its proof that love and a fresh batch of crazy photographers and stylists would take away any shy mood you have on! Arjay and Julie were simply stunning!!

(learn about missoni:

photography CHEST KNOTS STUDIO | JAYJAY LUCAS AND JC SANTIAG | Assisted by DAN MEJIA | concept, styling and art direction LIFESTYLE BY FELIZ | TINE LUCAS, PENNY BUNAG, STEPH CUDAL | inspiration MISSONI | location TAGAYTAY | clothing FOREVER 21, CARINA VILLALUZ
















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