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Timeless Beauty: Vice Mayor Marisa’s Lifestyle Portrait in Hong Kong

Power intensified by a humble spirit, a royalty in her own right. A selfless person that has the heart to serve.

Marisa or “Vice” as we call her is such a “wonder-woman”  she can juggle family, politics and leisure all at the same time.

Our team was exhilarated when we found out that we would style her. Not only that we got the chance to show her our talent but we also got an early bonus by styling her out of the country.  (Oh how we love our work :P)

For her first look, we wanted to keep it classy and body flattering.  A black and laced dress absolutely complimented her figure finishing it off with a nude pumps.

For a freezing weather we experienced, Vice still took it with finesse and posed for us like a pro.

The fur vest and maxi dress ensemble made her like a certified “Asian Superstar”

Look at the camera Beautiful!

The city lights and the overlooking view at the Peak made our heart leap!

Vice was distracted at first by the locals staring but her beauty of the location prevailed and made her feel comfortable.

The black and white pieces never gets old. Clean and tasteful.

Play it by ear. Stripes is definitely in this season better have it hanging in your closet.

People would turn their heads when she passed their way as we remembered. We couldn’t blame them, she was exquisite!

For her last look, we wanted to showcase Vice’s elegant side by letting her wear this bloody red shimmer gown.

A sexy messy bun and a pair of  diamonds accentuated the fineness of this look.

Photo by: Oly Ruiz of Metrophoto

Concept and Styling by: Penny Bunag of Lifestyle by Feliz

Assisted by: Kate Bautista of Lifestyle by Feliz

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