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The bridal gown I chose wear

When it was my turn to plan and think of a bridal gown, my ideas seriously hit a road block!

Jayjay and I agreed that the gown would not have any beads, look modern, sophisticated but still classy. It should capture the me behind the “bride” label. Plus we wanted someone we knew personally to make it so that when we would look back, the person who made it would mean more than the design. We knew instantly that it would be CECILIO ABAD.

I wanted to play with textures and maximize the use of fabric without adding any beads to it. Something with an architectural feel.  My inspiration came from VERA WANG’s 2011 Spring Collection.

Taking the “fragile femininity” of the garden or tea party as her starting point, her tightly edited 2011 collection introduced just 11 new gowns, but each with its own carefully constructed identity.

I originally wanted a blush peach gown which i hoped would look white in photos! But we decided to stick with Ivory white for its meaning.:)

Multi-tiered peplum bodice and cascading peplum skirt with ladder technique.

For me, the most stunning design were the architectural gowns employing what Wang’s program notes termed a “ladder technique”: a fabric fractal made up of cascading layers of gravity-defying silk gazar that were like a mad mathematical epiphany transformed into art.

When I had my first fitting with Tito Cecil, the gown was absolutely perfect as it is! I could even run away with it already!

It was more than a bridal gown, it was couture! The team knew what to accentuate, what area needs help and how to flatter my buit! I felt that my behind had a cushion heehee, my waist tightened (the good squeeze) and my chest accentuated. I saw my body in an hour glass shape!

good thing Erron & Toto were fast shooters, they were able to take a shot inside Salon de Ning

I opted for a short and hard tulle for my viel but wore an illusion tulle on the day instead.

So glad my dad was around who made sure I was doing ok. He stayed by my side all throughout the ride to Manila Polo Club. I love you Pa!

Am thinking if I can have a post nuptial shoot… hmm.. not just me and Jayjay but also to have a family portrait before God bless us with a baby:)

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Hair detail made with dried leaves and Chocolate bouquet by


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July 16, 2011 - 8:03 am

Carrez - you are breath taking Feliz! gorgeous gown!

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