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Posing tips from the theater

Here’s a sneak peak on a topic i’ll be teaching for the Photography & Styling Class hosted by Deal Grocer in August.

Weddings have this natural “hectic” vibe that i think everyone begins to be comfortable with.

While Paula was out with Ron’s photo session, I was in charge of Cha’s.

Here’s a Vanity Fair shot which Cha, our bride requested 30 minutes prior to the shoot.

Shot by Jaja Samaniego

Some tips I’ve learned during my theater days: LEVELING & FIRING SQUAD

Considering that the stage is big and live, it was important that actor would maximize a given space but not simply taking our land space but air. leveling was important, no one was allowed to be in the same plain, either one is higher, lower, kneeling or flat on the floor. We were taught that every scene should be picture perfect despite being in motion.

Next is the term our mentor would scream most often: “Wag kayong hihilerang parang firing squad” (Do not stand as if youre in a firing squad) So it was important that either one was at the back or at the front. Even in your stance: One leg should be ahead of the other and not on the same plain unless you wish to make a statement or some sort.


Since we were in a rush, I asked Rene where he wants the Vanity fair shot and thought of a plan while Cha was having her portraits. Gathered all the women entourage and here goes!

I had to personally position the ladies. Considered their body type, height and dress color shade.

Considered leveling and if you’ll notice, its shaped like an inverted triangle making chaos look organized directing the eye from the side to the center then towards the brightest shade which is Cha, the bride.

Had a 10 second run down on posing and instructed to express with their eyes. I didnt want them to have the high fashion poses. I simply want them to be comfortable with their stance, flatter their looks and be confident with themselves.

I couldnt help but take a photo of Cha and her pretty DIY bouquet made of collected brooches!! She brought in a bag full of them and her entourage personally designed her own bouquet! Pretty! I also love the boutonnieres; photos ill leave with the photographers to share:D

Cha is wearing the sweetheart top & tulle skirt we picked out for her during her Prenup shoot as well:D

The weather had this snuggle vibe so we opted to wear grey for the day:DGood thing Paula wore her boots! It saved her from the mud and rain (my flats got broken…boo!)

I realized I should definitely blog more often and share beautiful details such as these! ack im 10 months behind!!!

Oh! Something I shouldnt miss is Alex Franco & Penk Ching ‘s Cake!!! The 5 layer cake (real with diff flavors for each layer) is TO DIE FOR!!!! pretty peacock detail for Penk’s cake!!:DCha’s mom is a cake lover so what better way than to celebrate with 2 of the best cake makers in Manila:D

We left with a crazy dance floor which most likely ended late.

… last worthy mention is the Boudoir shoot we did before Cha’s dress up!:D

Special thanks to my husband Jayjay Lucas for combining the photos in photoshop. hehe! im tech illiterate.

Official Photographers:

Rene Gaviola

Joey Baquirin

& Jaja Samaniego

Official Videographer:

Buddy Gancenia

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July 12, 2011 - 9:14 pm

Telle - I love Paula’s boots!

July 12, 2011 - 10:37 pm

Sylvia Loraine Solano-Co Yu - Hi feliz and paula! looking very good you two! ^_^

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