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2 love birds and a tub full of popcorn in the middle of Alabang Town Center Mall! That’s what I call pop-stasticly in Love!

Nobody really took me seriously when i suggested a tub full of popcorn! When i read in Mau and Mai’s questionnaire that the love watching movies! I thought of a bag full of popcorn as props! and so Mai prepared the popcorn the night before and the van smelled popcorn filled!

For on the spot styling, they brought their set of clothes based on the checklist we provided and we worked around the items on hand:) included in the checklist are suggested props that they should bring. We like involving our couples in preparing for their engagement session, Mau had shirts made for the couple shirt set they want and Mai cooked 20 packs of popcorn!

Messed out the activity center of ATC but guards couldnt help but be happy for the 2 love birds!

“When we go on those special dates, We’re never ever late!”

Captured by Jayjay Lucas for Imagine Nation Photography

Hair and Make Up by Aaron Lejarde and Randy Sta Ana

Clothes prepared by the couple

Checklist for clothing and props provided for On the Spot Service

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