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Poncho on a Tuesday!

While waiting for Jayjay to finish a 30 minute run, I started to saute a fresh batch of corned beef:)

We then had our morning devotional and prepared for the day’s work:)

I wasnt in the mood to dress up so I grabbed an F21  poncho over my Mango undershirt before heading to the office:)

I used this earring set for Fab Manila’s July Collection shoot the other day. Its actually 2 kinds: feather from Bangkok & hanged the pearl with gold detail from f21 in one of the feather hoops! turned out nicer:D

the “handana” is a peacock bandana i got from Dubai and twisted it around my arm

Love my new pair! thanks to Jelly Bean!!:D

Jayjay grabbed his old Beatles shirt! One of those shirts he couldnt let go when we transfered homes:)

Check out Jayjay’s new clean haircut:Dthanks to AZTA ;D

I seriously need a new hair color and nail pampering! its been over a month already.

now back to conceptualizing for Chard and Anj; who didnt avail our service but some great friend who wants to remain anonymous contacted us and gave our photo & styling as a gift to them! August here we come!!:)

Off to do some grocery spree later! First Wednesday of the Month…DOUBLE POINTS!!!!! (at Shop Wise hehe!)

Jayjay’s new hair: Joji of AZTA SALON Eastwood
Mine: Shuji Kida!:Dthe only place id trust to chop off my long locks!

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October 5, 2011 - 7:41 pm

Len - love your hair and getup tin! :) sooo pretty!!

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