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On the Red Dot with Mark and Tricia

 Words and Story by Jermiegale Sy, Senior Stylist

As for Mark and Tricia, they were all set and ready to take their prenup shoot to the next level when they decided to join us on our Singapore shoot last year.

We wanted our photoshoots to differ from the rest of our SG shoot so we really made it to a point to style the couples based on their personalities and to make sure that all of them have a different concepts, look and feel to their photos.

 When I saw this gown by Mara Chua, I automatically knew that it would be perfect for Tricia. With her boost of personality and sexy features, the dress fits her perfectly.

For Mark, we wanted it to be subtle and crisp. So we mixed small patterns of black and white checkered and stripes.

 Having this perfect black and white concept for the clothes, we wanted the clothes to stand out so we decided what’s the most perfect way to create the perfect contrast is to mix the black and whites with an all red background.

 Mark and Tricia has been together since they were in High School. And being with someone for so many years, they become a part of you and you become each other.

We wanted them to pretend they were robbing the museum and escaping in style.

We ended the day with a smile on our faces and a new addition to creating another happy engagement memory filled with love and style.

Photos by Chestknots Studio

Styling by Lifestyle by Feliz

HMUA by Gery Penaso

Gown by Mara Chua

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