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Mails and Posts with Nilssen and Karen

Write down what you feel…or better yet make a letter out of it.

Nilssen and Karen’s feelings were pretty intense they couldn’t put it into writing. Instead, they chose to have their prenuptial in the letter capital of the Philippines….Manila Central Post Office.

Photo by: Chestknots Studios

Concept and Styling by: Jermiegale Sy of Lifestyle by Feliz

Assisted by: Feliz Lucas and Kate Bautista of Lifestyle by Feliz

Hair and Makeup by: Gery Penaso

Karen was a bit nervous at first but when she saw her number one inspiration cheering she was in character in a snap.

Nilssen on the other hand was shy and quiet, but once he got along with our ‘kakulitan’ and ‘pointers’ oh boy he felt confident! Loving your “Pogi Pose” Nil!

It’s always safe to use nude top-siders, fit for any guy clothing:)

Pastel hues complimented  the couple’s skin tone.

Up, Up and away! What a big play pen you got there guys!

Up, Up here we go!

It’s very important for us that our future brides feel confident in their own skin. We love how Karen embraced her curves! Looking fabulous Karen!

Paparazzi behind! Smile for us love birds.

Postal kiss in 3…2…1…..

What an impressive shot! We wanted to emphasize the beauty of the columns in this concept. With the right mood, clothing and location mixed together, Voila! Instant  Stateside-ish feel in a flash!

We felt nostalgic when we saw the golden ticket boxes. Life was so simple back then.

Being natural is still the best. Nilssen and Karen showing off their natural smiles. A ++++ for the both of you!

What a sexy silhouette.

Save the best for last. Lovin’ the neoclassical structure of the post office.

Thank you for sharing this special moment with us Nilssen and Karen. Congratulations in advance. Cheers to a blessed life together!

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