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Our couple yesterday mentioned that i should blog more often, even 1 shot is enough. I guess in a way its how people would be able to connect and be updated on whats happening.

Today I tagged along with my husband Jayjay Lucas in covering the wedding of our dear friend Marty and Atid from church. I couldnt help just wait and stand so despite not being familiar with exposure and shutter, I went on taking photos of Atid. Jayjay never allowed me to shoot in automatic (despite not being a photog), I worked on with manual settings. dont know the settings but tried to feel what was right. I guess connecting.

here are some shots from their wedding (just click the Like button) : Marty & Atid

here’s what I wore for today’s wedding. had to rush from a morning volunteer class we taught, quick lunch and fixed up at the hotel lav! have been wanting to do a culture inspired shoot but since clients arent keen in doing so, i opted to do it to myself instead hehe!

here’s with the husband ofcourse:D

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