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Hobo Chic

Nope, I didnt get it wrong. its Hobo chic for this set. Hobo…Homeward Bound. We’re modernizing the 1900 century hobo look with Roxy! Hobos are workers who wander.

When we met Rox, we got so excited simply because she was excited! haha we felt the love and support by her family and loved ones when the whole clan, even the titas came in for our first meeting at the office that we ran out of seats! haha!

See you around Rox! Rock On!!

Concept: Hobo Chic | Inspiration: Hobo life | Photography by Nice Print Photo | Styling by Lifestyle by Feliz | Make Up by Yuventius Albert Kurniawan | Special thanks to Char Tinio, owner of Nice Print | On location at Hillsborough Village

Lets go a bit crazy with neons!

the total opposite of conservative!

back to the concervative chic!:D

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