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Harajuku Girl, you got the wicked style!

Special Thanks to CHEST KNOTS STUDIOS for the Photography
and WE WILL DOODLE for the Mural
“Harajuku girls, you got the wicked style
I like the way that you are
I am your biggest fan, oh”
- Gwen Stefani, Harajuku Girls
There’s me, there’s you (hoko-ten)
In a pedestrian paradise

Where the catwalk got its claws (meow)
A subculture, in a kaleidoscope of fashion
Prowl the streets of Harajuku (irasshaimase)
In the world of Harajuku
Putting on a show, when you dress up in your clothes
Cause it’s super kawaii !, that means super cute in Japanese !
A ping-pong match between eastern and western
Just wait til you get your little hands on L.A.M.B.

Wild hair color and cell phones
Your accessories are dead on
Harajuku girls
I’m looking at you girls

You’re so original girls
You got the look that makes you stand out
Harajuku girls, I’m looking at you girls
You mix and match it girls
You dress so fly and just parade around (arigato)

I’m fascinated by the Japanese fashion scene
Work it, express it
Live it, command your style

Create it, design it
Now let me see you work it
You bring style and color all around the world (you harajuku girls)
Style detached from content
A fatal attraction to cuteness
Style is style
Fashion is fashion
Girl, you got style!

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