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Gas Port Lovin

just meters away from the gas tank, we headed out to the port for some portraits!

I simply love the wind here! gotta love the hair drama!

F’s first time to wear a casual denim coat, skinny jeans and loafers! I must say it fits him well!!! he looks so natural in them!

Ive been addicted to the “tambay” pose lately:)

Remembered how we got this pose to work:)another inside story:D

I really love it when we get to shop with our couples:)not only do we get to enjoy each other’s company,

we get to play dress up with them:)wee!! plus a new wardrobe for them!!

takes time and energy rather than pulling out clothes but the friendship built is really rewarding:)

I really like how Jayjay framed the couple here!

Gotta love the relaxed yet chic feel!

Have been addicted to the “not to made up” look as well:)a little hair drama over here!

Check out the next album to view their first wardrobe:)

Reach for a kiss!


HAIR & MAKE UP BY: Randy Sta Ana of The Make Up Studio


Together with the 1st set of wardrobe, LSF went shopping with the couple in completing this 2nd look.

To our amazement, Me ann’s sister – Chibong, added us in Facebook. I checked on the friends list and we had a lot of common friends.

To our amazement, F, Me ann and Chibong all went to Southville. The school I attended from grade 5 to 1st year high school.

Its just nice to bump into someone and talk about common topics:)hope to see these 2 lovebirds soon!

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