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First Lifestyle Workshop: A Huge Success

Styling is our passion and we aim to improve and cater people in what we do best.

February 2013 was a hectic month for the Lifestyle Team but in spite the schedule we were truly blessed to push through the first ever Lifestyle workshop featuring Philippines’ top fashion icons and stylists Cammile Co, Rachel Que, Jessica Yang and Eldzs Mejia.

The workshop’s goal was to connect one’s style from the different styling faces from engagement down to the glitsy world of the fashion industry. First speaker Rachel Que talked about how to improve grooming from inside out, Cammille Co was about how to evolve and discover your personal taste in putting up clothes while the last speaker Eldzs Mejia shared tips in editorial styling.

From left: Eldzs' friend, Eldzs Mejia, Jessica Yang, Rachel Que and Cammille Co

Cammille gave a pretty interesting activity to boosts confidence in how you look and  to discover one’s style. She let us mix and match  clothes and present two layouts each.

A mocked editorial photo shoot was Eldzs’ treat for all of us. The pretty and exquisite Jessica Yang was our guest model for the activity.

The workshop wouldn’t be a success if it weren’t for the participants  so as our heartfelt gratitude we showered them with plenty of sponsors to spice things up for the workshop goers. Special Thanks to Primadonna, Meg Wear, Wear Mauve,  Peaches On Top, S&H, Sugarfree Philippines and Veva Deluxe.

Before the program ended we got the chance to have a photo op with the icons. The workshop was a sure hit! Until the next Lifestyle workshop!

Photos by Christina Advincula of When in Manila


Check out when in manila’s blog and complete photos of the lifestyle workshop too:D Visit the link below

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