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What is creativity if it isn’t to take something existing in one’s head and give it relevance in the real world?

A US Magazine writer asked me “How different is an Engagement Stylist from a Fashion Stylist?” She contacts me after reading an article about the first engagement stylist written and published by Weddings at Works.

This question built so much emotion throughout my whole being! I wanted to express the undefined, the unconventional.

“Why?” – a three lettered word. I needed her to hear my reason for leaving all the glam of Retail & Merchandising and jump into the boat of uncertainty in the Weddings Industry.

It is simply my heart’s burden for Marriages.

I envision myself attending a silver wedding anniversary of a couple I helped style their engagement. With guests shedding tears not because of the wedding AVP 25 years back but simply because they have lived their marriage to work. My service goes beyond making you look good nor even feel good. It is not making you look a certain way but it is being a certain way. I want you both to express who you are together in visual form.

In the process of creating a personalized concept, both will discover new things about the other. Details about the past, about their hopes, about their individual responses and about growing together in character. All these things I have witnessed by God’s grace in my previous meetings and photo/video sessions.

It is also about experiencing  and rewarding yourself with a personal assistant. For a day, someone follows you making sure that there is no drop of sweat! That you are well hydrated, comfortable and makes you look interesting from every angle  Рa true Superstar for a day.

Hopefully Wikipedia defines this new job title, but for now -

Engagement Stylist : a fashion editor specializing on the creation of themes for engagement photo or video shoots, selecting styles to illustrate those themes and to clearly express the engaged couple’s personality and serve as a preview to the audience for the mood and tone of how the couple’s marriage will be.

I hope to formally introduce you to 2 new engagement stylists with Lifestyle by Feliz in September!

Lifestyle by Feliz

The Engagement Stylist

“…(my) heart’s desire is to glorify Your name” Isaiah 26:8

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June 28, 2010 - 10:13 pm

Claire - I admire your passion for making couples look the best that they can be even before their wedding day!!!

June 28, 2010 - 10:14 pm

Claire - You and Sir Jay are a good team. God bless you both!

February 4, 2011 - 10:14 am

Candy - Though I met you once and I hope more meetings to come with your whole team.. I admire your work and your beauty as well. Love the pic in this webpage.. very artistic of you…

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