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A Room full of shoes!…woops shoots! :D

Credit Roll for Jan-April

Its very humbling to receive notes of thanks and appreciation. The team strives to give our best for the Lord in every shoot. We’re still a work in progress and sometimes takes time for a creative idea to pop, we delight in the sweet and encouraging words of our client friends.

here’s a quick update of whats going on:)we’ve been delayed in blogging and updating everyone. we’re working on it:D

as i write short thank you notes to our clients, ive realized and thanked God for the wonderful memories. For allowing us to do beyond styling and somewhat build a concept based on who they are individually, as a couple and maybe a glimpse of the future.

We seek to study and update ourselves some more so that we can be more of what we can be.

Thank you so much for your support!:)We hope to see you on June 27, 2011 Monday. from 2-8pm.

at our new studio’s dedication. you can check out google maps for directions going to CHEST KNOTS STUDIOS.

Hope to meet you again outside work and simply hang out!


Jerome & Claire for trusting us with their prenup, wedding FA and a family..este clan portrait.

Philip & Jane for a memorable hike up wawa dam and allowing yourself to get dirty hehe!

Errol & Grace for that memorable push our of a piano on the road

Jay & Raetz for throwing apples at you and a filled wedding!

Counselor Uno & Tin, despite not being available for your prenup, it was an honor to be of help during your wedding

Barrie & Karina, instead of a yacht we had a ship! woohoo

Jen & Raetz again for a wonderful Boudoir experience!

Randolph & Nina, youre humor was unexpected. it was fun shooting with you!

Billy & Apple, love the semi boudoir shoot for your preps!

To Myrtle, whew! we made it 2 days before your wedding haha!

To Karen, the splash was a great way of wrapping up the shoot!


Ryan & Sam for a rain filled video love story!:)youre such a sweet pair!!

Eggy & Len, just typing your names made me smile and laugh inside! thanks for the laughter guys!

Mel, our sweet debutant! im so blessed to see your dad helping out!

Fab Manila, youve been there when i was just starting and now youre still supporting us! thanks so much!

Archie & Lorah, for celebrating my anniversary at the hot air balloon where you literally flew up!

Ryan & Nerissa, a worthy trip to Baguio indeed:)

Dennise & Anna, who can forget our “avatar-ish” light painting haha!

Kiko & Grace, we loved working on your sweet bouquet!

Abi & Fitz, you guys are so innocent! we love how supportive with each other youve been!


Chard & Ody, loved how you brought all your clothes out! thats the way to go haha

Ben & Manel, talk about sneaking out! haha Enjoy your Manila penn card!

Dan & Dar, the first prenup done at piazza!

Pam, our beattles debutant was across the universe!

Greg & Tin, happy cupcakes!

Paulo & Sheryl, cool with lemons eh?:D

Jonald & Shirley, breezy boho indeed:D

Oliver & Ahyan, the egg smashing is indeed something to remember haha

Marty & Atid, your hyperness was popping out of charts haha


Despite saying that ill be on leave, i could leave our clients haha! so was still working despite panicking for my own wedding haha! The team was the best! they handled everything well and even gave us so many surprise photo and video shoots!!!

Fab Manila, i loved our city scape shoot!! so mexico feel!!

Mark & Tin, literally fully booked:D

lys, our harajuku debutante, we simple adore your family’s passion to help each other

Josep & Jeddah, loved the colorful vibe you both had!

GMA 7, Solenn’s billboard shoot, enough said. kilig!!:)

Marvin & Sylvia, oohh so wanted to do more with the bed stuff haha! post nup!!

Fab Manila, pressure! 2 shoots in 1 month! haha

Mic & Bernice, just 3 days after my wedding and i was assisting you with yours heehee

i think i filled up a lot in this list, May onwards to follow. really hope i get the chance to blog about each shoot! what an experience! but first, i need to get a copy of some of the shoots hahaha!!:Ddrool!!!:D

see you everyone on june 27!! excited!:D

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June 20, 2011 - 10:24 am

Mik - THANKS again for you and your team! We’ve had the opportunity to have the same exact photoshoot with and without your team and we really felt the difference. We’re just blessed that you and your team was there for our wedding too! Thanks for making it as fun as it had been. I’m sure it would have also been a very different experience without you guys. All the best :)

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