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Book fair look

My brother-in-law was invited to perform inside the Logo hope book fair ship! Knowing that i was windy at the port, I opted to wear a light skirt that would definitely get blown by the wind. At almost 5 months into pregnancy, I still opten to hide the bump a bit since it still looks like a full stomach:DI love the idea that the short front, long back skirt is coming into trend… gotta love sexy & being feminine!:)Quite similar to my wedding reception gown.

Am not into wearing too much accessories..kinda not comfortable with is. But I do love statement pieces. Something that is subtle but would turn heads…Guess age is a factor with staying away from accessories too haha!

ZARA White dress shirt | OVERLOAD CROSSINGS Floral skirt | CHARLES & KEITH Teal Sling slip on 1.5 inch heel | KATE SPADE Shopping bag |

TORY BURCH Heart bracelet | MICHAEL KORS Rose Metal Watch

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