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Baby, youre my favorite sport

Cyrus & Katie Baguio. It usually our norm to create concepts that reflect the couple’s individuality and story so that when they look back, they would remember young love! Something that their kids would say…”CHESSY!”

After all, its an engagement to a wedding and not a fashion shoot:D
Clothing were based on their personality, comfort and concept based on the requests stated in the questionnaire:)
Katie absolutely looked cute as we intentionally mimicked her shirt!
Here’s some snaps of the Shopping Guide we provided…glad to know that Katie found it easier to shop around and select clothes she likes to wear even after the prenup!

Cyrus had a reason to buy the jock jacket from Zara as well heehee! (Check out how the reversible worked to create 2 looks!)
afloat with big large flowers fabricated by in house creatives team of LIFESTYLE BY FELIZ
We loved that Katie brought in a bunch of clothes! and followed the shopping guide. though not the exact item (which is normal) they were complete. It enabled us to mix and match:)
Pretty geek & a Sorta jock geek in love!:D
You should see the fresh nautical entourage & reception decoration VATEL MANILA prepared for them!! so pretty! Cyrus and Katie simply mentioned that they wanted a nautical themed wedding and Dylan did the rest. The couple didnt even know nor check table arrangements and trusted Dylan 100%. Gotta love a couple who trusts their suppliers! More creative freedom!:)
CONCEPT & STYLING based on the questionnaires by
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