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Across the Roads and Waves: Kris and Carla

It’s amazing how true love tightens the bond of couples no matter how long. 11 years may have past very quickly but Kris and Carla’s love for each other didn’t fade and grew stronger as years go by. We are privileged to feature these breathtaking photos by Nelwin Uy.:)

Photography: Nelwin Uy

Concept and Styling: Penny Bunag, Tine Cortes and Nika Ortega of Lifestyle by Feliz

HMUA: Boombee Bartolome

 Look how Carla’s beauty and grace shine in full bloom.

Their new life plan together is to fatten each other up with a whole lotsa lovin’

Sweet sincere smiles, love and compassion are priceless.

If there’s any kind of magic in this world it must be how simple but strong it is for love to make the world go round.


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