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Accidentally In Love: Jairu + Nestle

Cupid can target two completely strangers any place, any time! Take it from Jairu and Nestle’s love story:)

Well their not so ordinary love bites started in an unusual event…a car mishap!  Jairu that time was distracted with so many things that it led him to accidentally bumped Nestle’s car. Nestle’s first reaction (as any human being would do) was angry as a bull! Being the lawyer that she is, she’s really ready to bring the violator down! But her temper changed in a snap when she saw Jairu:) “Good thing he’s cute!” as Nestle would recall the first time she laid eyes on Jairu. YIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIII! Kilig to the bonesssss!

The MMDA even jokingly told Jairu to just date Nestle so that no charges would be made:) Well you have no idea Mr. Officer! YOU HAVE NO IDEA! Haha. They exchanged numbers and voila! Their love story was made❤

That’s why the LSF team decided to put up a concept that will refresh the feeling of the event that started it all:) A prenup concept/idea entitled “Accidentally In Love”.

So are you ready to be hit by cupid?:)

Photography by: Chestknots Studios

Concept and Styling by: Kate Bautista of Lifestyle by Feliz

Assisted by: Tine Cortes and Jermie Sy of Lifestyle by Feliz

Hair and Makeup by: Boombee Bartolome


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