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9 weeks and 4 days

Entry by Tine Lucas

January 11, 2012

9 weeks and 4 days.


I cried today.

Been having a crazy, difficult morning sickness lately.

I didnt expect it to be this bad.

It started when I started with my pre natal vitamins and calcium tablets replacing folic acid and anmum…


Maybe its because Im still working when I know I should back off a bit?


Jayjay secretly planned a get away trip to Baguio for some R and R with our 2 yorkies; Coffee and Trooper.

It was extremely cold that our dogs were shivering with paws so cold. It was cute of them to snuggle!

Trooper learned to rush to the toilet for some poopoo and wiwi (proud owners)

During our trip, I tried to sleep my way all through out the ride so that I wont experience nausea.

I eventually wake up with a filled bladder or hungry. I guess the number 1 rule for pregnant women is to always plan pit stops and find out where the nearest restroom is.

my newman’s own organic ginger mints sustained me.

Jayjay knew which resto to go to, I noticed how much I love the things i hated before and now hate the thing i loved before.

I never realized that those stories were actually true!

I dont like cheese, spicy and everything that has extreme taste now.

And unlike before, I now love soup, vegetables and everything without taste! I even ate a bunch of amplaya today! imagine that!!:)


My meal would usually comprise of:

Soup: Pumpkin or hundred island sinigang

Fresh fruit juice: pineapple for fibre, orange juice for vitamin C and buko!

Salad: Ceasar, fresh and those w/o dressing, veggies!

Meal: I noticed I dont like repeating what I already tasted before. so for our baguio trip; breakfast steak from contis, arroz caldo, lumpiang shanghai, smoked bangus, beef steak, beef shank (finally we get to eat beef!! been eating fish and chicken everyday in Manila)

Dessert: vegetable! craved for melon so we had to order fruit platters until we finally found a pack of melon in SM!

Sandwiches: Tuna (which i didnt get to finish) and burger.

Rice: Brown and white

I intend to try the black rice since its filled with iron:)will order for harvesters!:)


The cold fresh air was so refreshing that I couldnt help but inhale more than I could. If only I can store this type of oxygen back in Manila.


I guess the difficult part of pregnancy is not the difficulty of it? But the changes that happen in the body? Its like you cant control it anymore. Youre not your usual self anymore (and you shouldnt be) coz you need to take care of yourself, the baby and each other’s health. Sometimes I breakdown because its so difficult not to be my usual self. But I look at my tummy and remember that am doing this for him/her:)then all is well.

Ive been chatting with God all through out the trip, telling Him how scared I am. Not just with the labor but motherhood.

I get to look at myself, how I became, what were the things that shaped me and killed me. Its a constant reminder to let go of my fears… to trust God’s promises that if I cling on to Him, things will be ok.

Been asking Him to reveal if we should transfer to a different home. I catch myself looking at our existing condo and imagining if there were baby items, cribs, toys, and stuff. thinking how to border things up…

I have this desire to be in a townhouse, house or apartment where we dont have to go up and down, carry laundry everyday, worry about the smell…and the fees that never stop.

I guess growing up will never end until you start growing back younger.


I intended to fix up during our trip but not even a hint did i open my make up kit.

Its something I have to watch out though, especially when things get tougher! That I can still look good while in pain haha! kidding aside.

Being pregnant gave me more will power to eat the right food at the right time. (though i get to sneak in some goodies once in a while:D)

Seriously appreciated some down time away from anyone… for those pregnant, the feeling of wanting to run away and hide and just be aloof is normal. after that, get back to reality! haha

…. I wonder why the show “a baby every minute” in bio channel is always on! theres a different story everytime. theres this mom who tried to stick to her normal labor birth plan but was giving her husband and nurses a difficult time with her attitude…of pain… I then thought “shucks, i dont want to cause that irritation in the room!!” but with or without epidural, all moms really had a hard time pushing that nurses had to jump on them literally to bring the baby out. ahhh… Need to make my tolerance for pain stronger! but how?! So that i can stick to our lamaze birth plan… wanting to practice husband-wife support and of course cheaper bills haha!


Stepping back made me realize how people have been to involved with their problems forgetting that the answer is pretty simple. I just hope that people will be less complicated. Its as if they are the only person in the world who’s carrying the burden of the whole wide world. Thinking about it will just make you look old haha! Life is simple.

seeing francis kong’s post was a good reminder about mindset..

There are two ways to fail. One is which, “You think and never do”. The other one is that “You do but you never think”. Everything begins with a mind set. What constantly absorb you with your thoughts? You know what? What you think defines who you are and what you are, and the outcome is usually the result of your mindset….Here’s what I want you to do, you gotta think and do, you gotta do and think, and you gotta discipline yourself into becoming an expert and then work for higher cause. Work for mastery in your craft and always give more than what you are paid for.

fast food is just so bad. people demand so much but dont want to work hard for it. hard work is becoming taboo..:(just so sad. But its true, unlike before, you work hard and you get to buy a home. Nowadays its amazing that passion can feed you but unlike any other job: hard work + mastering your craft = makes you distinct = home. Its so difficult with so many people striving to work… loving your work in not enough…Its long suffering…much like in a relationship…things get though…you go on and choose to love knowing that no great thing was ever crafted with out fire and molding.

pretty much in every situation that crafts my mindset… so think and do!!!:D

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