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Faux Fur & an Ostrich Feather

We only have 2 months left before a new year comes our way. Yet the Vintage feel is hasn’t really worn out its feel and fashion. It still the top requested concept for most of our couples.

Instead of just sticking the ostrich feather, we did a semi DIY on the spot.

We got a patch for gowns and placed it together with the Ostrich feather. We curved it to add a little drama.

What I love about the Where the Wild Things Are Package is that couples entrust us enough to purchase and put together the items. Fulfilling:)

Moving out of the conservative, we took out the tie and made it short instead

Hazel’s Clothing by Aries Lagat

Edison’s Clothing from 21 Men

Official Photographs by Wally Gonzales

Photo Contribution by LSF Photographer Caliber King

Paula King assisted Feliz Diestro for this Morning shoot at Greenbelt 5

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