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Put a little spunk to that couple’s shirt!

Putting SPUNK to your usual couple’s shirt!

I wanted to incorporate Albert’s shirt business so I let him design their shirt and added a little twist to it:)

my inspiration? Charlie Chaplin!:)

The location was filled with Filipino history that I wanted to stay away from it.

But still use a culture that influenced our history  :)

Relaxed the look a bit with loose bow tie and a glimmer top hat:D

Loving the Steve Madden shoes Jayjay and I found for Iya:)

LOOK 4 of Soon-to-Wed Albert & Iya Delos Reyes-Lo

Concept, Coordination & Styling by Feliz Diestro of Lifestyle by Feliz

Spunky Photography by of

Hair & Make up by Aaron Lejarde and Randy Sta Ana of The Make Up Studio

Couple’s Shirt produced by Albert Lo

I for Iya with Fiona’s Face, A for Albert with Shrek’s Face

Lipat bahay?

Why did the chicken cross the road? To be included in the picture! haha

I love this shot:D

“Kelan kaya malalaglag yung bungang mangga? kelaaan!” haha

Albert and Iya are soo sweet! Bataan + Jayjay & Feliz = Our Kick-Ass PRENUP!

Modernizing their outfit takes the eye off the Filipiniana feel of the venue:)

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