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Behind the Scenes of OTD Check In

Ever wonder how an on the day service would go?

Check out the “Check In” of soon to wed Erickson and Fian De La Paz-Tan

Here’s something every On the Day package holder needs to remember:


We might be crazy enough to work out not just 1 but 5 looks!

With a speedy photographer like Arlene Briones & Diane Capili of Imagine Nation Photography, we were able to execute 5 looks in 2.5 hours!!!

was with Tiffany who was floating on air this day!:P

Erickson dropped us off at Mandarin Hotel since Fian was still having her hair and make up done.

So while waiting, instead of just putting together clothing and accessories, we went crazy and saw that the layouts looked as if a couple is about to check in a hotel in different countries. We tweaked it a bit more and ta-da!

Thus the spontaneous CHECK IN Concept haha!

The function room was filled with white boards, so we made use of it!

Our Hawaiian check in!

Our Parissian check in look!

Our Katy Perry check in look!

Our CA check in look!

Our Columbian look haha!

We still had time on our hands, so while waiting… here’s what vanity did to us haha!

Thanks so much Arlene-sky for the BTS Photos!!!!!!!!!!!:D

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