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Valentine’s Treat!

Here’s a Valentine’s Treat!

Pure praline, creamy tiramisu cups and mouth watering milk chocolates!

Uniquely prepared spanish food in a room filled with history in La Scala Cafe

thats the perfect way to celebrate 10% off on all of Lifestyle by Feliz’ service

if you book on February 14, 2011 ONLY!


Leonidas Chocolates


Simply choose the package you like and process the down payment on February 14, 2011

Write a note on why youre sweetly inspired and share a thing or 2 about Lifestyle by Feliz

Link the website and the Face book page!

You’ll  receive:

1 Machiavelli chocolate assortment OR 1 Leonidas chocolate assortment

1 300 pesos worth of gift certificate at La Scala Cafe


10% off on all packages and services offered by Lifestyle by Feliz

Down payment must be made to avail of the gifts and discounts!

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