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Unexplored Terrain: Mark and Kristine’s Prenup Part Deux

“You need to see the black and white in you to realize what actually colors up your life.”

For the second set of Mark and Kristine’s prenup we explored the captivating Sapang Bato (which is Black Eyed Peas’ Apl de Aps’ hometown for a little trivia) as the couple braved the rocky yet enchanting forms of the beautiful location.

Never thought an angelic face like Kristine’s could rock a fierce look! You go girl!

Mark is feeling it! This is his moment too you know:)

You don’t need much color to pop. Sometimes a happy heart is the key to achieve a blooming glow.

Astonishing look from the couple. This is their moment people:P

Its really a thrill to explore an unfamiliar place with the one you love. Makes the adventure one for the books.

A kiss from someone special makes everything perfect but having a breathtaking background makes it picture perfect.

The lovebirds rehearsing something for their wedding or should I say after the wedding. Just kidding!:P

The first-fashionable-couple-to-ever-set-foot-on-the-sandy-place-award goes to…. you two!

You give us the chills Kristine! Loving your fierceness here.

…and the fierceness saga continues.

Watch out for the last set of Mark and Kristine’s prenup on LSF blog! Stay Tuned:D

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