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Namiseom with Jack and Joyce

Words and Story by Jermiegale Sy, Senior Stylist

Namiseom or also known as Nami Island, is a tiny half-moon shaped island in South Korea. Famous for its beautiful tree lanes and the shooting location of Winter Sonata (more on that later), this island was definitely one of our must-go places on our itinerary.

We always wanted to go to Seoul and last year, we made sure that our plan definitely pushes through. So we booked our tickets as early as April  (since there was a travel fair happening) and crossed our fingers that there will be a couple who will join us on our trip.

Better yet, we made it a  Lifestyle by Feliz team building trip since all the girls decided to join the Korean escapade. ^^

And then there was Jack and Joyce.

They were willing to hop on the plane with us to Korea to have their second prenup shoot. YES, second, since they already had a scheduled prenup here in Manila, which we also styled and was photographed by Nelwin Uy.

Knowing it’s already Autumn season, all I can think of is that I want to see RED–I want to see the contrast of autumn leaves with something red and bold.

We chanced upon this red dress when we went to June Pugat to pull out a different dress that we initially wanted to use for this Korea shoot (I’ll be blogging about that on my next post). Then, we brought this red and black shawl-like for cover up since it was raining that day, and it blended perfectly with the red gown and the knee high black boots.

Too bad the leaves had not yet fully changed but still, this island is breathtaking.

Imagine if all these trees are already in shades of yellow and orange!

For Jack, I wanted something simple but with a little twist. Thinking of something different from his usual outfits and channeling my inner kpop addiction, I’m thankful that this pair of checkered pants fit him perfectly and he rocked the hell out of it.

It was cold, damp, and raining when we went to Nami, so we told them to just talk casually to each other but they kept on laughing as they walked along the island.

I wonder what Jack was telling Joyce!

Initially, we wanted to ride the bikes, since the island is known for being one of the dating places in Korea where couples can ride couple bikes together. But since it’s raining, the road is a little slippery so we decided to just walk along.

This island was HUGE and as you walk along, you’ll get to see a lot of interesting things that are in line with the season.

Jack and Joyce didn’t mind getting wet despite the unpredictable rain, the muddy road and the cold wind.

Some of you who don’t have an idea what the famous Winter Sonata is, here’s a little insight: It’s a South Korean television drama series that was aired in 2002 and is widely considered to be the Lorean drama that launched the Korean Wave throughout Asia and worldwide. The filming primarily took place in this island.

Hence the statue above which represents the characters of the series. A classic love story.

And one of the famous areas of the island is this beautiful tree lane.

As we explored the island, these balloon-like lights were hanging along the trees which lit the island at night…

… and that made it more romantic as you walk along the road with your loved one. No wonder this island is one of the famous dating places in Korea! Its relaxing surroundings and creative ornaments that changes as the season changes (so every season you get to see different designs and props) easily made it one of the must-see tourist places in Seoul.

 There’s just something romantic about this photo! I don’t know if it’s the rain that made it more meaningful or the simple hand gesture from Jack protecting Joyce from the rain made it more sweeter. What do you think?:)

Blogged by Jermiegale Sy

Photos by Chestknots Studio

Styling by Lifestyle by Feliz

HMUA by Feliz Lucas


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