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Mikhail “MikMik” Santi

Stronger than stone, hotter than fire, pure as snow that’s Mauie and Sam’s love for each other.

Honest as a kid, loyal as a basset hound, good as heaven, well that take note, is the love birds relationship with the Lifestyle team:D

The first time we met the couple was when we styled their Prenup, fast forward to 2012 and we’re down styling their Maternity shoot for baby Mikhail Santi a.k.a. Mik Mik. Boy! How time has gone by quickly!

The beautiful photo shoot was taken in Tagaytay with the help of  Paul Vincent to capture this one of a kind moment.

The first concept was in line with the Greece like location. The vibrant colors of their clothing gave justice to the freshness of the interior. Maui and Sam looked fashion forward locals here!

The lightning bolts did so much for this concept you could spell F-U-N in this picture. Floral on floral fashion on Sam while a play with the carnation palette for Maui:D

It was Lifestyle’s first time to style a Maternity boudoir which by the way was really fulfilling to do. When we saw how beautiful Sam was, we melted! You couldn’t just take away the glow from a natural beauty. You look divine Sam!

You are the most beautiful blessing your Dad and Mom could ever wish for. Looking forward to see you Baby Mik Mik!

Concept and Styling: Lifestyle by Feliz

Photos by: Paul Vincent Photography

(Click this link for the complete set of photos

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