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Comfy Grecian Afternoon

Sanjay and Pervin have finally found time for a holiday, well, almost! :p We totally agree that they deserve one so why not make their prenup a 2-in-1 shoot!

Too comfy to pose! Just don’t let Mr. Sleepy Head get in the way:P

Their concept was inspired by the things they like so we combined a touch of Greece, a handful of magazines and how could we miss,


Simple yet elegant! You don’t need too much stuff to standout!

 This shot just makes you want to snuggle with your special someone.

She’s a natural beauty!

Looking good Sanjay!

Time to get some fun! Pillow fight in 3……2……1……….

Oh! They look so cute!

Getting serious and sexy!

Pervin is just DIVINE!

Just take me to the Grecian paradise with one kiss!

Photography by Nelwin Uy

Concept and Styling by Lifestyle by Feliz

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