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Checkmate (often shortened to mate) is a game position in chess in which a player’s king  is captured.  

For Nixon and Sharmayne’s 2nd concept, they wanted something formal and serious with a touch of fun uniqueness so we ended up with a king and queen / checkmate concept. Looks cool right?


Looking extra polished there, Mister!

Just like the game of love, when we finally think of surrendering our love to the other person, we are already checkmated.

What a well-groomed couple!

Fond with Nixon and Sharmayne’s fierceness in this shot.

The King and Queen are here to finish the game of love.

Delivering checkmate is the ultimate goal in chess: a player who is checkmated loses the game. But for the couple in love we wouldn’t consider it as loss.

Turn on the lights!

Love spark goes on and on and on…

Kiss the night away.

 Photo by Chestknots Studio

Concept and Styling by Lifestyle by Feliz

HMUA by Gery Penaso



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