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After getting pregnant and giving birth myself, a certain connection grew in the way I style.

I guess I understood the body of a woman a little bit more.

I got challenged to dress appropriately, comfortably yet chic enough.

By my 8th month, I wanted to hide because I felt like a big blue whale!

My friends encouraged me to have a maternity shoot but I honestly didn’t want because of the way I looked. So hesitantly, I did.

And I’m glad that I gave in!

There is something about looking at a picture of yourself with your baby bump, then seeing your energetic child in your arms. 

Here’s another story of a woman who is filled with passion, energy and love.

Meet Tey, pregnant with 8th month old Stella, mother of 11 year old Gabrielle, and the supportive wife of Nelwin Uy.

I remember at the Getting Married bridal fair in SMX last year (2011), I was around 4 months pregnant with Caitlin and I had a productive conversation with Tey and Jocelyn (wife of Mervin, owner of MG Videos) about pregancy and motherhood. The discussion opened my eyes to the reality and sacrificial love of becoming a mother. A year after, we were back at the same hall of the bridal fair yet this time it was Tey’s turn to get breastfeeding tips! And the idea of having a maternity shoot came into mind. So it was sort of an unofficial booking for Chestknots and Lifestyle us!

I excitedly emailed Tey a bunch of maternity concepts that fits her personality. She wanted happy, colorful and not at all high fashion related. Something real and something that she would be proud to share with Stella when she grows up.

It felt awkward to share the same room with a client-supplier relation! The pressure was on!

We prepared for a week, gathering items, shopping together and discussing options and changes!

It was actually a breeze to work with Tey, she understood my vision and my concept. She allowed me with every idea I had and supported me on it.

She even DIY-ed some of the crafts here! We didnt miss out on anything and everything was ready!

I guess it felt awkward for Nelwin to be infront of the camera. Considering he’s used to being behind the lens most of the time. So we simply teased him and with the help of Gabe, everything became a breeze!

Having a maternity shoot is a gift for your child more than for yourself I guess. Its something that your child will see and kind of stick that his/her parents’ chemistry and love for each other.

They’re still thinking of a second name for Stella, any ideas?

Adding a touch of Nelwin – film rolls!!

Watching Nelwin take a break from work and see him around his family is simply wonderful. 


its a girl!

family is love!

The star photographer will have his own star in a month!

Tey has a pretty baby bump mixed with Nelwin’s cool tattoo!

He’s a reserved person but the way he glances his wife and daughter assures you that he loves them truly!

Gabe will have a beautiful memory of this day too!

The love to be sarcastic and they love to tease each other! It creates a room filled with laughter!

Some behind the scenes!

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