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Caitie: The Little Fashionista

We’ve all been deeply affected by Courageous Caitie the past few days. However, we at Lifestyle by Feliz have in more ways than one, been touched by the three-year old bundle of joy. From our shoots all over the country, to simple meetings in the office; we’ve been so used to her being around us all the time.

Imagine learning from a toddler; yes we do learn new things from her. Things such as patience, taking things slowly, relaxing when things get stressful; these we learned from Caitie. She’s taught us how to make the most of any situation, and we even learned some new poses from her!

She was a fashionista. She dresses really well – definitely inherited from her parents! Check out the photos below, as we present some of Caitie’s best moments with the team of Lifestyle by Feliz.

We will miss you, Courageous Caitie!


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