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Baby Isabella

I never knew I could love so much,
until the day I felt your touch.

I softly kissed your tiny cheek,
and from under your lashes I saw you peek.

Your beautiful eyes so small and blue,
my sweet little baby just brand new.

I cannot wait to watch you grow,
from your little head to your tiny toes.

My daughter my love, my little joy,
my little angel, my baby doll toy.

I promise to love you with all my heart,
I’m here for you from the very start.

YOU and Daddy means the world to ME!

I’ll comfort you when you cry,
I’ll answer true when you ask me, Why?

While you grow be sweet and kind,
and show all others how much you shine.

First we had each other, then we had you… Now we have EVERYTHING.

Life’s a blur, but when I see you everything is crystal clear.

Isabella YOU make mommy and daddy SMILE

To the WORLD, you may be ONE PERSON, but to ONE PERSON you maybe THE WORLD.

excerpt from Martha L. Sheridan

Styling by Lifestyle by feliz

Photography by Chestknots Studio

Edit, Layout and text by Katrina Uy of Team LSF

Hair and make up by Toni Aviles

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