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All You Need Is Love: Kris and Joan’s Prenup Sesh

The team was a bit worried on the day of Kris and Joan’s shoot due to heavy downpour, but you know we could always turn a bad situation to a memorable one. We couldn’t thank the rain gods and goddesses enough for allowing us to maximize the beauty of this exquisite rest house, yes you read it right, REST HOUSE! The weather turned the shoot to be more relaxed and cozy, really perfect for snuggling and cuddling with the one you love:)


A gloomy weather couldn’t stop the sunshine from Kris and Joan’s bright smiles.

Sweet smiles all over the place! It’s contagious:D

Hugs for free courtesy of Joan! Well we wouldn’t be surprised if  Kris would be the first in line:P

Just like the good old days. Kris and Joan reminiscing their first date together.

The hands he want to hold forever:)

The sweetest gift a woman can have for a cuddle weather? A KISS from your Prince Charming.

Details, details! Loving the gold bracelet you got there Joan!

Having a hard time showing that happy peepers? Whisper something wonderful and memorable, It’ll surely do the trick!

Like the popular song goes…”There’s a rainbow always after the rain.” Definitely! Catch more of that rainbow tomorrow for their second set!
Photography by Chestknots Studio
Styling by Lifestyle by Feliz
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