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A Sweet Paradox

 No wonder mermaid folklores are compatible for women.

Much like a mermaid, a woman can be bipolar at times haha!

here we mix a little bit of asia, a little bit of being a siren and a little bit of angst!

check out Bryan’s cool pants and Katz’ diy dragon print look

Our version of Yin and Yang

They really got the hang of “workin’ it” for this set

this was around noon already!!

check out the hair! still connecting our “mermaid” theme so that despite the different looks, we still get to connect them to one another

notice the rings? what brand is this? any guess?

theres something about the richness in texture of dried leaves

thanks to for supplying the photos

editing and layouting by lifestyle by feliz

hair by rochelle lacuna

make up by gery penaso

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