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A Mermaid’s Tale

The most exciting and heart pounding shoot to date.

with so much details and so little time, Grace was the keyword.

Bryan and Katz is set to get married in 2 weeks and decided to have a prenup just last week.

At first, they simply wanted their loyal client’s products to be featured at the shoot and the rest is history.

Ideas just went crazy.

Im not a fan of fantasy styling and we took a big risk with this one.

not bad at all.

thanks to Vidal Clayton of Cecilio Abad team for this wonderful mesh top!

we didnt want a literal “tail” so we opted with a personification of this using different fabrics

the broken down ship became a wonderful backdrop

have you noticed the gold foil? haha we wanted to achieve a “koi” asian inspired mermaid buuuutt we had to make last minute changes

gold foil blended well with the look

thanks to rochelle and gery for achieving our “ombre hair peg”

had to DIY a fabric to turn it into a pair of leggings


i think i saw something like this in a little mermaid shot

watch out for the 2nd set tomorrow:)1 of 4 done!:)

thanks for chestknots studio (JC Santiago and Jay Jay Lucas) for providing the photos

edited by feliz lucas

hair by rochelle lacuna

make up by gery penaso

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